Profile of Paula H. Noe

PAULA H. NOE, Esquire has practiced Massachusetts family law since 1987, and offers her clients several options, since she can serve as a Collaborative Attorney, as a Mediator, as a Parenting Coordinator, or as Settlement Counsel; Paula concentrates in helping families through crises with dignity and respect, via alernative dispute resolution wherever possible, in Newton, Massachusetts.

She has been named a ‘WOMAN OF DISTINCTION IN LAW AND PUBLIC SERVICE’ by the Massachusetts Association of Women Lawyers, for her achievements as a Massachusetts family law attorney and her contributions to the world of alternative dispute resolution. She served as the President of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council from 2005 to 2006; she is a founding member and served as a board member and as a member of the President’s Advisory Council.

As a collaborative attorney, she attempts to lead her clients to dispute resolution, to mutual solutions via client-centered negotiation. See and for more information about the collaborative practice protocol. She teaches and lectures at trainings and speaking engagements about Collaborative Law and about ethics in the family law and business law arenas. She represented the husband in the precedent-setting Massachusetts custody of frozen embryos case, AZ v. BZ, which was ultimately decided by the SJC in her client's favor in 1995.

She is admitted to practice in Massachusetts and at the U.S. Supreme Court.

If you are considering divorce and would like someone to talk to, please Contact Me for a free initial consultation.  I can be reached by phone at 617-454-1024 or by email.