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What's the easiest way to get divorced?

posted Nov 26, 2012, 6:13 AM by Alex Noe

By Paula H Noe

At the risk of seeming to give an overly simple answer to a very complicated question, and because I am an attorney, I am going to tell you that this simple/complicated answer is ‘it depends’......


Here are some issues to think about before or when you are trying to decide HOW you are going to get divorced because this decision, in my opinion, determines how ‘easy’ (ie, ‘smooth’, ‘amicable’, ‘reasonable’, we hope) the divorce will or can be.


1.   I believe that everyone should be educated to understand the avenues that are available to a ‘fair and reasonable’ settlement; be sure to ask your family attorney to explain the benefits and risks about these well-tried and well-proven dispute resolution possibilities –


a.   Mediation (using a neutral mediator to help you reach an agreement)


b.   Collaborative Divorce (using team of collaboratively-trained attorneys and a coach chosen specifically for your family)


c.   Litigation (giving control of your decisions to a judge instead of to your family)


2.   I also believe that a Collaborative Divorce and a mediated divorce can certainly be as complicated and even risky as a litigious divorce; however, the Agreements of the collaborative families tend to benefit everyone in unique ways.


3.   I have never seen a litigated divorce be ‘simple’.


4.   Your family law attorney should be well-equipped to give you the information you want and need in order to help you decide if a resolution-oriented divorce is a good path for you to contemplate.


5.   Do your own research. Interview two or three attorneys until you find the right fit for you and your family.


6.   See;

Divorce & Renewal Weekend

posted Apr 5, 2012, 4:27 AM by Alex Noe   [ updated Apr 5, 2012, 8:36 AM ]

Paula H Noe is co-founder of the:


April 21-22, 2012
Norwich Inn and Spa
Norwich, CT


The weekend will provide an opportunity for women who are




to spend a weekend of renewing themselves, jumpstarting the rest of their lives and creating a community.  We have brought a team of highly skilled divorce professionals to help us teach skill and tactics in 2 days of stimulating and creative workshops.
Paula Noe and Betsy Ross will be co-teaching and co-facilitating many of these workhops, including: 

  • "Communication Tools and Tips: How to Get What You Want With Words!" 
  • "How to Talk Divorce with Your Children, Your Attorney, Your Community"
  • "Artful and Successful Negotiation: Can I Win It?"
  • "Anger-Weapon or Tool: How can I use it?"
  • "Preserving my family" (includes: "Who gets to keep our friends?")
  • "Stress and String Beans: Time Management and Organizational Skills"
  • "How do I re-launch and re-enter: personal marketing and relationship skills" (includes "Common Obstacles to Close Relationships")  
and even -  
  • "Online Dating: How do I?", (includes: "The Art of Finding Someone New")
  • "Allowing Happiness"  
and we are lucky enough to have put together a panel of divorce professionals who will speak on our lunch panel and then participate in in-depth workshops: 
  • "Financial Tips and Traps for the Unmarried Woman", facilitated by Susan Miller of Aurora Financial, Wellesley, MA.
  •  "Increasing Your Parenting IQ: Co-parenting before, during and after divorce", facilitated by Judith Farris Bowman, Esquire, of Bowman, Moos and Elder, Cambridge, MA.
  • "War Stories From the Bench: A Divorce Judge's View of Good and Bad", facilitated by Chouteau Merrill Levine, Retired Probate and Family Court Judge, Suffolk County, MA, currently of Levine Dispute Resolution of Westwood and Northhampton, MA.

Paula H Noe recently moved offices

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AS OF APRIL 1, 2012:
NEWTON, MA. 02458
PHONE: 617-658-2913

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